Grand Voyage – 16-Day Hikes and Wine Tour
Germany & France

Grand Voyage is the ultimate escapade for the staunch lovers of nature and wine connoisseurs. This trip is your ideal tour choice if you would like to experience a combination of great wineries with the finer details that nature has to offer in the vast pristine lands of Europe.

From Riesling to Pinot & chardonnay

We have designed this trip from our years of experience visiting the serene countryside, stunning historic wine towns of Europe, where we gathered lots of our oenophilia from the region's greatest winemakers. It will be our pleasure to personally take you through this exciting 16-day tour to bring you closer to nature and get to taste some of the world's finest wines of Europe. We will visit four famous wine regions during our tour, including Ahr, the red wine haven and Moselle the home to the Riesling wine in Germany, Alsace in northeast France, popular for the sophisticated Pinot wines, and the Champagne region.

Don't wait. Grab this opportunity of a lifetime and take your oenophilia horizons to the next level! Get an intimate experience of the famous wine regions and vineyards of Europe, where you will see the wine production processes and learn about the history of the various wine regions.


Day 1 – The spectacular sceneries of Mayschoß

After your pick up at the airport, our journey will take us towards the North Rhine state in Westphalia, Germany. As we move along the Ahr river towards the Ahr wine region, you will be amazed by the magnificence of the scenic views. We will settle in Mayschoß town in the afternoon, where our hotel will also be located. Mayschoß town has spectacular views that you do not want to miss out on. Get your HD camera ready for the Saffenburg castle ruins, rated as the most stunning scenic view of 2020 by the German Wine Institute. You will get to see the attractions of Mayschoß wine villages and the beautiful steep terraces of Ahr. In the evening, we will get back to the hotel for a delicious dinner together.

Day 2 – The Great Ahr Track Hike

Hiking buffs, get ready! Our first hiking experience kicks off at the Ahr track in Kreuzberg. You will get to enjoy the beautiful sceneries as we hike through the woods, vineyards, and medieval villages in the valley. Climbers will love the climbing experience at Teufelsloch (The Devil's Hole). We will then proceed to Altenahr, where we will introduce you to few gems of the famous red wines produced here, in one of the region's renowned private wineries.
Our journey will then continue through the famous Red Wine Hiking Trail. We will also get to visit Burg Are ruins to see the spectacular view over the Middle Ahr valley region's strange rock formations. The views here are breathtaking, so don't forget to bring along your camera. We will hike further along steep slope vineyards or alternatively, catch the local train back to the town of Mayschoß. After this long fun-filled day we will enjoy a sumptuous banquet with matching wines.

Day 3 – Ahr Track Walporzheim to Bad Neuenahr

Our hiking route kicks off at Walporzheim, the romantic wine village of the region, and cruises through the scenic forest footpaths and quiet vast plain lands. This hiking expedition will also take us through the rocky paths and lively villages and end up at Bad Neuenahr health resort in the afternoon. This route is full of amazing views and landscape features, including Ahr Valley scenery, natural monuments, cultural treasures, the surrounding mountains, and other natural beauties. After this long exhausting but remarkable day, we'll visit the Spa and thermal baths to relax ourselves.

Day 4 – Moselle Expedition

We will start our fourth-day tour with a visit to the famous Moselle region. We will hike through the scenic Eltzer forest, which leads us to Eltz Castle, the renowned residence of Counts of Eltz dating back to 1157.
The Amlinger winemakers family will host us in Neef during the following days. This estate is a private winery tracing its origin to 130 years back and rests on a pristine surrounding close to the Moselle river.
On arrival, we will have a rest before we commence our wine tasting escapade in the evening and enjoy a local meat delicacy. The winemaker will guide us as he unravels the fascinating history of his wine estate. The estate produces various types of wines along with other brandies and liqueurs.

Day 5 – Calmont Via Ferrata Hike

If you have been looking forward to getting physical, this will be your chance to. We will explore the Calmont Hills, known for its Via Ferrata climbing paths. You will be stunned by the spectacular views as we climb the iron brackets, narrow rocky paths, and stairs crossing through the vines. Calmont has the world's steepest hillside vines, slanting at up to 68 degrees. So, get ready to experience this hiking expedition of its kind.
If all you want is an easy walking trail, the hillside has a beautiful walking path you will find exceptional. In the afternoon, you can chill out leisurely before enjoying a sumptuous dinner.

Day 6 – The 'Black Cat' of Zell

We will kick off our 6th-day expedition at Bullay, from where we will use the double bridge to cross the Moselle river and proceed climbing the Mosel track running parallel to Moselle river banks. Our hike will take us to the wine-rich town of Zell at mid-day.
A visit to Zell is never complete without visiting Collis Turm, so we will include it into our today's schedule. For the white wine enthusiasts, get ready for the fulfilling wine tasting expedition in Zell. You will get to taste some of the world's outstanding white wines and find yourself a new favorite. Zeller Schwarze Katz awaits you!

Day 7 – The Moselle Chill Out

We will spend this day relaxing, or exploring the Moselle even deeper. We might enjoy a boat ride to some of the oldest wine towns of Traben-Trarbach or Bernkastel-Kues, where romance emanates from. Alternatively, we can take a nature walk through the scenery of this beautiful region. There are plenty of route options available. Mention your idea, and we will find a way to feature it in our day's itinerary!

Day 8 – The city of Trier

We will part ways with the Amlinger family on the morning of the eighth day and drive south to the medieval city of Trier, Germany's oldest city. Trier traces its origin back to around 16 BC when Roman Emperor August issued a decree to build the city. Our cruise will then take us to Porta Nigra, Trier's city gate, and many other notable landmarks and historic structures like the Amphitheatre and Emperor baths. We will spend the night in Trier, where we will enjoy some of the local delicacies for dinner.

Day 9 – The Alsace wine capital

Our journey southwards will lead us to Alsace, France's most famous wine route. We will get to visit Europe's capital, Strasbourg, the capital of the Alsace wine region. This spectacular city lies between the border of Germany and France. You are going to love the brilliance of Strasbourg, which is filled with bright, colorful streets with half-timbered houses with plenty of plant and flower decorations.
The exhilarating Strasbourg Cathedral, one of the largest French Cathedrals, stands majestically, waiting for you to climb its tower. Can you take a climbing challenge and beat the 332 steps of the cathedral tower?
After lunchtime our journey will lead us to the scenic Turckheim wine village, where Emperor Heinrich VII conferred in the city charter of 1312. The city is beautified by the majestic wall, which also protects the half-timbered houses here. Our next coming days will be spent in the wine village of Turckheim. This is the place where we will start our acquaintance with the famous Alsatian wines. Which grape variety will be your favorite, Riesling, Pinot Gris or the Gewurztraminer?

Day 10 – Turckheim Hike and Wine Expedition

We will dedicate this day to exploring the scenic mountain landscapes and the spectacular vineyards around the village of Turckheim. Get ready to be amazed by all the beauty that Alsace nature offers, satisfying culinary traditions, captivating wines, and beautiful sceneries. There's plenty of hiking options available, one of them for example, being the Turckheim to Eguisheim hike. Eguisheim is one of the villages designated as Les Plus Beaux Village – the most beautiful village in France.

Day 11 – Freiburg in Breisgau and Kaiserstuhl

If you have only heard about the Kaiserstuhl wine region but you have never visited it, this is your ultimate chance. We will cruise the border into Germany and explore this mountainous volcanic retreat to the south of Black Forest. This limestone-rich region stands out uniquely due to the volcanic rocks with loess. The area is one of its kind, as it's protected from the Vosges and Black Forest mountain region's prevailing climatic conditions. The hot climate makes it very ideal for the growth of vines. We will pay one of the wineries in the area a visit and enjoy some satisfying wine tasting during our tour. The Oberrotweiler pool will be a refreshment haven during the hot summer days. If feeling like cooling down after our escapade, this will be the spot!

Day 12 – Colmar and Little Venice

Our tour of today takes us to Colmar, the prettiest town in Alsace. Here we will explore the old centre called Little Venice, and mingle with the locals. Fishermen, boatmen and tanners once owned the beautiful half-timbered houses surrounding the river Laúch. Lunch will be served in one of the authentic Alsatian cozy eateries in town. You will make your choice from the numerous specialties and, whether it sounds French or German, it's all delicious. A short ride on the canals on a flat-bottomed boat will complement our visit of this picturesque town.

Day 13 - The Vosges - Champagne Escapade

On this day, our tour takes us to the famous Champagne region. We will exit Alsace and drive to the west along the green Vosges mountain ranges into the Champagne region around Reims.
If you have been looking forward to an engaging hiking experience, you will love the mountains here. While en route, we will hike the hills then enjoy some local Alsatian cuisines for lunch.
Arriving at our destination, we will receive a warm welcome at one of the private Champagne estates, where we will spend the next three nights of our tour.

Day 14 – The Champagne Retreat

If you are a Champagne wine enthusiast, get ready to learn some shocking revelations about the history of Champagne. This day is fully dedicated to the Champagne region. Our hike will take us through the enormous Montagne de Reims vineyards, where we will view the striking mountain landscapes and forests. Then we will continue to Épernay.
Épernay city lies on the Marne river banks and is where we will find most of the famous Champagne estates. We will get the chance to visit and appreciate Champagne house's beauty, go down and explore the artificial chalk tunnels that existed long before the champagne industry, providing an ideal ambiance for the champagne wine bottle's second fermentation. Be ready for a lively champagne wine tasting sessions here!

Day 15 – Reims, the ancient city of the Kings of France

If you have never interacted with ancient nobility before, this day will be your day to do so. We will explore the old city of Reims, famous for its many stunning sculptures and crowning ground of the Kings of France. Most of Champagne's famous houses are also found in Reims. Apart from visiting the cathedral, there are many beautiful sights to be discovered in Reims, such as the Tau Palace and the Archbishop's Palace, located where most of the elegant coronation feasts were hosted for centuries. After these visits, we may still have some time in the afternoon to visit another Champagne cellar.
On the last night of our Grand Voyage, we will hold a special festive dinner.

Day 16 – Our Return Journey

This day marks the end of our delightful nature and winery expedition. We will head northwards and drop you off at your preferred airport.

tour highlights

  • Bed and breakfast at winegrowers guesthouses and comfort hotels

  • 4 Hikes and Via Ferrata hiking path experiences

  • Visit Trier, Strasbourg, Colmar and Reims

  • 6 wine tastings

  • Visit Eltz Castle

  • Spa & thermal baths in Bad Neuenahr

what's included
  • All items listed or explained in my tour itinerary above
  • Airport or hotel pick up and return
  • Bed and breakfast at winegrowers or guesthouse for a 15-night stay. Rooms are available on shared basis and may vary from comfortable to first class.
  • Daily 2-course lunch en-route
  • Daily 3-course dinner with matching wines except on 4th and 16th day
  • One wine tasting in Zell
  • One charming wine tasting evening in Neef, Moselle
  • Three exciting wine tastings in the Ahr, Alsace and Kaiserstuhl regions
  • One Champagne wine tasing in Épernay
  • Climbing/hiking experiences and city tours according to the suggested program
  • Transportation by local rail to and from the ending points of some hiking paths
  • A boat ride in Colmar
  • A visit to the Ahr-Thermen Spa thermal baths, including the use of bath towels and bathrobe
  • Oberrotweiler swimming pool entrance fee
  • Farewell dinner on the fifteenth day
  • Tipping
  • Tourist taxes
  • All private transportation by your dedicated Tour Manager
  • Tree planting certificate on your name - a contribution to a green and healthy earth
  • Calamiteitenfonds fee (Emergency fund)
  • This offer is covered by the STO Garant guarantee. You can find the conditions for this guarantee scheme on STO Garant’s website (
what's not included
  • Flights
  • Meals, apart from the listed ones
  • Drinks, apart from the scheduled wine tastings
  • Personal expenses and all other expenses not mentioned above
  • Travel and cancellation insurances
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