Trees for all
The Association of Small-scale Travel Organizations (VVKR), of which Karo Voyage is a member, has a Cooperation Agreement with Trees for All. The association wants to make a concrete contribution to a sustainable world by donating CO2 emissions and trees. In addition to the annual donation from the VVKR to Trees for All of a minimum of 100 trees, Karo Voyage will donate 2 trees for every trip booked. Trees for All are planting trees both in the Netherlands and abroad. In addition, they also support existing forests. This organization has therefore been a champion in the fight against climate change for over 20 years. The trees are always planted in two places: one in the Netherlands and one abroad. That is the reason that two trees are always donated at the same time.
Trees for All is a non-commercial provider of CO2 compensation in the Netherlands. It has a CBF quality mark and is reimbursed through sustainable forest projects. If you would like to donate trees yourself, please let us know when you make your booking. The price for 2 trees is 10.00 EUR and you will receive a certificate for this. More information is available on